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Anyone who ventures out for more than an afternoon will need some sort of luggage. Our Expedition Duffels are made for the people that want to go just a bit further, and be sure their goods will get there with them. Our Expedition duffels have gone all over the world, to big mountains, to jungles, to the laundry, and returned unscathed.

This monster duffel bag is a skycaps nightmare. The "Behemoth" is 41" long and has 18" diameter end pieces, which yields over 10,000 cubic inches (164 liters) of storage. The body is the same 28oz White Vinyl that we use on our haul bags for unreal longevity. The main carry handles are 2" seatbelt webbing with 1" tubular web padding the carry area. The full length zipper is the legendary #10 YKK, built for rugged use and long life. The full length of the zipper is covered by an 18oz RBS protection strip secured by Velcro along the entire length. Carry handles on each end allow the bag to be carried easily by two people, lashed to the roof of your car, or wiggled into and out of tight spots. For the ultimate he-man trick it can be worn on your back (or other places, see photo) for short periods of time. $209.00 ea. White only.

Ask for the DELUXE BEHEMOTH and get a fully padded suspension system that turns the behemoth into a walkabout duffel. Includes 3" wide padded shoulder straps and a 3" wide padded waist belt. Fully adjustable and detachable for when you just want to lug the bag around..
$249.00 ea. White only.

Click here for our Luggage FAQ's

The '"Texas" is a smaller version of our Behemoth Bag. We use the same 2" seatbelt webbing for the main carry handles, White Vinyl body, 10 YKK Zipper, and overkill construction. The "Texas" is 30" long, has 16" diameter bottoms. Perfect size for weekend climbing trips or wicked laundry runs. 6000 cu.in.(98 liters) $199.00 ea. White only.

Same bag as our standard Texas Luggage but with a fully padded and removable suspension system just like on the Deluxe Behemoth. Makes for a very versatile and portable duffel especially for international travel and their impossible size and weight restrictions.
$239.00 each. White only.

STANDARD SHOULDER STRAP: A 2" wide strap, padded with 3/8" X 3" foam, and covered with pack cloth or the pelt of your choice. Nice addition to either your Texas or Behemoth bag. Fully adjustable. $24.00 ea.

PRO BAG: Our "Pro Bag" is one sharp piece of luggage. We have put overkill construction methods into the world of high fashion. The result is a totally bomber duffel bag, suave as can be, that can hold a complete rack, rope, shoes, food, and still have enough room for a $3.00 bottle of "Thunderbird". The main body features heavy weight Ballistic Cloth in either Maroon or Yellow, or for that sanitary look, our bomber White or Tan Vinyl haul bag fabric. The carry handles are made from 2" seatbelt webbing with a 1" tubular sleeve on the carry area. For the fashion kicker, we put eye poppin' fur animal prints on the 12" diameter end pieces. The short hair prints are your choice of Zebra, Dirty Zebra, Mystery Bovine, Baby Giraffe, and Ocelot. Holy cow! You've got to see it to believe it. 12" diameter ends, 21" long. 2300 cu.in.(38 liters)
$69.00 ea.
Available in Maroon or Yellow ballistic cloth for the body fabric. If you want haul bag fabric, we only have White right now.

Available pelts: First pic: Dirty Zebra, Zebra, Ocelot, Baby Giraffe,
Second pic: Dalmatian, Bovine, Highland Bovine, Brown Bovine

Same style and construction methods as our "Pro Bag" but just a bit smaller. Perfect size for your boots and chalk bag, shower gear, cameras, or whatever. Same designs and colors as the above Pro Bag. Mini Pro; 8" diameter ends, 15" long. $54.00 ea. Medium Jim: Features an "elliptica kidney kinda' thang" instead of round ends. 16" long body with 9.5" X 13" panels. $64.00 ea. Available in Maroon or Yellow for the body fabric color and pick a pelt for the end panels.

Peek-A-Boo Luggage
Now available in all the standard luggage sizes up to the Texas. Lightweight and bomber ONS Mesh fabric with burly YKK zippers and RBS end panels. Great for the beach or river. The Pro Bag size is shown.
Mini Pro size $37.00, Pro size $49.00, Texas size $99.00
Available in Black or Blue with random end panels

Peek-A-Boo Stuffsacks
Same sizing as our Wall Bags but in the ONS Mesh fabric. Easy to see what's inside and lightweight. Has an 18 oz RBS bottom and a big grab loop. Great for keeping your undies aired out or storing some wet things after an outing down by the river. Also a nice home for your down sleeping bag to let it breathe after a sweaty toil filled night.
$21.00, $27.00, $34.00 Available in Black, Blue, and sometimes White or Gray

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