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Welcome to our 2023
product catalog!

We are currently closed until at least early 2023‚Äč.  

FISH Products has been making the stuff of dreams for over 40 years... yes, that was years. Our early days of selling one of a kind items from the back of a VW van in the Camp 4 lot has given way to today's global reach via the internet. Our reputation is based on manufacturing overbuilt, innovative, and functional gear of an exceptional value at a fair price.

This is how we still do things around here,
even 40+ years later.

Most of our items are made in a semi-custom fashion. This means if you want an extra pocket in your Haul Bag, or a special color for your Atom Smasher, or some other added touch, we can usually do it. We are proud to make all of our sewn goods here in the U.S.A. We use domestic fabrics over the imported variety whenever we can. We are proud to use American made webbing and order our supplies from domestic sources whenever possible. It does make a difference.

We do not have one of those swanky shopping cart things to land all your impulse buys into. But here is an easy way to keep track of all your purchases... click on the Order Form link and an order form will appear in a separate window. Lob your goods into the form and then check out when you are done. Inelegant, yes. Adequate? For sure...

Items in this catalog evolve all the time. The chances are real good that the item you receive will not look exactly like the catalog picture. Many color combinations are done completely at random and features do change frequently, mostly for the better. It is the nature of the beast.

Rock Climbing and any variation of this sport is dangerous. Risk cannot be eliminated. This catalog is not an instruction manual, nor should it take the place of good judgment. The equipment offered in this catalog can kill you. It can kill you on your first day out to the crags with your squeaky clean boots and rope. It can kill a seasoned "Wall Master" with a thousand pitches under his belt. If living under the threat of death is less than appealing to you, please find another sport. Heads do pop off. Families will lose favorite members. Rescue people will be forced to scoop you into vile green vinyl bags. Remember, you made the choice to climb. Have the guts to take responsibility for what you are doing, be it dying, quasi mutilation, or something as simple as just losing your mind. If you intend to weasel out of your obligation to be responsible, and see laying blame on us as an alternative to your ineptness, please do not buy our gear. Please, close your wallet and go away now, before it's too late. Bye. See ya. Hasta la Vista.
Be accountable, Be responsible, Be alive.
Try it sometime. Have a nice day!
Fish Products

Featured Product

How about 10 over the shoulder full sized slings for $20? Gray color, pretty much like the picture. Made from 3/4" tubular nylon. Light, strong, and CHEAP! Even with bad math that comes out to like $2 a sling! This is an add-on only deal and will not be shipped separately. Let us know you want them and in what color in the comments box on your order form. Then add $20 clams to your order. Easy.

FISH Products HC1 Box 696, Joshua Tree, CA. 92252 | FishBigWallGear@gmail.com | 760.394.6665