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Hand Tape:
Johnson and Johnson, the best all around tape for fingers and hands. 1.5" X 15yd. $3.00 per roll. SOLD OUT

Available in 4oz bags. That's a quarter pound for those that are counting. Genuine Semi-Crushed Endo Block. None finer! $3.75 each SOLD OUT

FISH Classic Chalk Bag
Timeless solid body design with a ballistic cloth body and a collar style closure. An extra stiff rim mean you will never miss a dip. This a a larger sized bag that will hold a couple blocks of chalk for all day cragging. It comes with tooth brush holder that is also great for carrying a topo if cleaning holds is not your thing. The Classic comes with an adjustable chalk bag belt so you are ready to go right away. Colors vary but right now you can get the Classic in purple, yellow, black, light blue, maroon, gray or fuchsia. Collar colors vary, but will always be tasteful. $29.00 each

Chalk Bag Belts:
Made from 3/4" tubular nylon in yellow or gray, or 3/4" flat webbing in black, red, or royal.
Features a no-slip Fastex buckle.One size fits all. $3.75 ea.
Click here for Chalk Bag FAQ's

White Lung Chalk Bag:
A big volcano shaped bag that will hold tons of chalk...ok, maybe more like 5 blocks. Great for the home gym or those with extra sweaty palms. Pick the Wild or Mild versions. Email us for available patterns. $39.00

B-1 and B-2 Bouldering Pack:
The B1 is a lightweight shoulder pack designed for carrying your boots, chalk bag, and maybe some water and snacks while bouldering. The pack body is our ONS Mesh, an extremely tough and durable fabric that is light in weight and since it is a mesh, lets your boot stink escape into the atmosphere instantly. A single over the shoulder strap is provided and is lightly padded with ShamPelt fur. The top pocket has an outside zipper so you can get to your tape and tincture before your flapper makes you bleed to death. The bottom is made from 18oz. RBS fabric for long life. Approximate size is 2000 cu.in. with a 12" diameter bottom. $89.00

B2 Bouldering Pack

If you would prefer a more traditional set up, order the B2 which has all the features of the B-1, but comes with two 2" wide shoulder straps instead of the single strap for over the shoulder chic  $96.00

Ballistic B2 Bag
A sturdier and stylish upgrade to our regular line of B1 and B2 bags. These bags are made from heavyweight ballistic cloth... a crazy long wearing nylon fabric that is both supple and bomber. A protected bottom edge and RBS fabric bottom increase longevity. Total size is about 2000cuin at about 20" tall and a 12" diameter bottom. A zippered top flap/pocket completes the structure. Now, pick your pelt and ballistic cloth body color. There are many combinations to choose from so you should probably email us to get current colors and pelts.
$119.00 each

FISH Products HC1 Box 696, Joshua Tree, CA. 92252 | FishBigWallGear@gmail.com | 760.394.6665