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Chalk Bag FAQ

"If I send you some material, can you make a bag with my fabric?"
Yes and no. We tried this and had nothing but problems, so we no longer can do this.

"I've been trying to get an Elvis pattern bag for like two years. What gives?"
The fabric we use is picked up at various outlets all over the place. Sometimes we find a really cool Elvis and make a bunch of bags with the fabric. When those bags are gone, if they were popular, we will try to find the same material. Sometimes we cant. This is probably because even though you guys loved the fabric on a chalk bag, it probably looked like crap as a dress on some 7th grader so the company did not run any more of the fabric. It might show up again, but we never know.

"What is with the giant chalk bags, like your White Lung?"
Boulderers are carrying these bags and are just leaving them at the base of problems and not wearing a chalk bag while climbing. They hold a lot of chalk so the whole crew only needs one bag and they are great to have at a home wall instead of strapping one on.

"How much do your bags weigh?"
Our small bag, the Palm model weighs 3oz. The large model, the Fist, weighs 4oz. Our White Lung bag weighs 6oz.

"I saw your chalkbags in Playboy magazine the other day. Any chance of hooking me up with the centerfold? I know for a fact you have a way in."
Sure, we can hook you up. Send me your cell phone number and I'll pass it along.

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