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The Newest of the New
Welcome to the cutting edge. Here is some stuff so new you could be the first person on Earth to see it. Exciting isn't it

Deluxe Texas Luggage
Same bag as our standard Texas Luggage but with a fully padded and removable suspension system just like on the Deluxe Behemoth. Makes for a very versatile and portable duffel especially for international travel and their impossible size and weight restrictions.
$169.00 each. White only. See the Deluxe Texas on our Luggage page.

ClusterBomb Circle Head
No need for a bunch of circle heads on your rack for the one random placement you might encounter. Take a ClusterBomb and have all the standard sizes on one loop.
$7.00 each. See more heads on our Hooks and Heads page.



RingAngle Beer Opener
Use this historical ring angle piton to crack open your swill!
$12.00 each

Hook Valise (coming soon)

ElCrapInCan shit bag (coming soon)

Before there were ever any big hooks commercially available, these were the standard of the day. In Yosemite Valley there were many of these old "ring angle" pitons up on the cliffs that eventually found a new lease on life as a big aid hook. These old school hooks were crafted into a pleasing shape by putting them in a fire grate in Camp 4 and beating them with a hammer to get the desired shape. They were also famous for opening up at the most inopportune times. Fast forward about 35 years and now we are making these under controlled conditions complete with a heat treating operation for strength. These are hand formed and shaped from brand new ring angle pitons. Own a working piece of history! $25.00 eachare hand formed and shaped from brand new ring angle pitons. Own a working piece of history! $25.00ea. See them on the Big Wall page.



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