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The Newest of the New
Welcome to the cutting edge. Here is some stuff so new you could be the first person on Earth to see it. Exciting isn't it

Rack Caddy
This is something you really don't need. I never needed one, until I used one... The cover boy of the Joshua Tree Sport Climbing guide book never needed one...until he used one. I submit for your viewing pleasure, the Rack Caddy™. It is basically a handled gear sling crossed with a daisy chain. It holds an ass load of draws, or your extra rack, or your belay kit and keeps it all together in your pack. Show up at the crags and pull the Rack Caddy out of your pack and all your hangdogging needs are right there and ready to be deployed. Use it on a wall for the all the extra pro, free biners, or whatever. The Rack Caddy comes in assorted colors so let us know what your favorite is and we'll try to make it happen for you. Features a 1" tubular webbing handle that is filled for a nice feel, four racking pockets for all your gear and bomber construction. $23.00 each

FISH Classic Chalk Bag
Timeless solid body design with a ballistic cloth body and a collar style closure. An extra stiff rim mean you will never miss a dip. This a a larger sized bag that will hold a couple blocks of chalk for all day cragging. It comes with tooth brush holder that is also great for carrying a topo if cleaning holds is not your thing. The Classic comes with an adjustable chalk bag belt so you are ready to go right away. Colors vary but right now you can get the Classic in purple, yellow, black, light blue, maroon, gray or fuchsia. Collar colors vary, but will always be tasteful. $29.00 each

Ballistic B2 Bag
A sturdier and stylish upgrade to our regular line of B1 and B2 bags. These bags are made from heavyweight ballistic cloth... a crazy long wearing nylon fabric that is both supple and bomber. A protected bottom edge and RBS fabric bottom increase longevity. Total size is about 2000cu.in. (33 liters) at about 20" tall and a 12" diameter bottom. A zippered top flap/pocket completes the structure. Now, pick your pelt and ballistic cloth body color. There are many combinations to choose from so you should probably email us to get current colors and pelts.
$119.00 each

Atom Hybrid
A slightly larger version of our crazy popular Atom Smasher. These bags are smaller than our Grade 5 Haul Bag and are about 4000cu.in.(66 liters) The Grade V is 5100cu.in.(84 liters) and the Atoms are 2300cu.in.(38 liters) The white bag in the picture is our Deluxe Atom to compare sizes. This is really just a larger Deluxe Atom Smasher with two internal daisy chains, heavyweight 32 oz RBS fabric like our Deluxe Haul Bag, an internal zippered pocket, and a full sized collar closure. The suspension system is the same as our Atom Smashers, being fully padded and removable. Red only for the body fabric and random colored collars. $179.00 each.

Deluxe Texas Luggage
Same bag as our standard Texas Luggage but with a fully padded and removable suspension system just like on the Deluxe Behemoth. Makes for a very versatile and portable duffel especially for international travel and their impossible size and weight restrictions.
$239.00 each. White only. See the Deluxe Texas on our Luggage page.

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