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News Flash: We are on VIRUS hiatus... email us before ordering ANYTHING!
We will be kicking around the shop off and on, but will probably not be
back and doing full production until possibly mid 2024

Before attempting to order, check FaceBook or email us 
to see if we are even around:

Ordering by mail:
Print out our Order Form or just write down what you need and enclose a U.S.P.S. POSTAL MONEYORDER or your Credit Card information for the full amount. NO CHECKS or random Money Orders. CA residents or any order being shipped to an address in California must add 8% sales tax. Include a phone number in case we need to contact you about your order.
Be sure to write very clearly fer we is kinda dumb.

Phone Orders / Email Orders:
You can Email your order 24 hours a day. Calling and leaving a message is far and away the worst method you could use. Email or our Order Form are the best methods.
The above methods of ordering will be accepted for Credit Card or PayPal purchases only. There is NO C.O.D. action happening.

Payment options:
You can use a Visa or Mastercard to pay for your order. We do not accept American Express. We accept PayPal payments via your credit card or PayPal Account. If you are familiar with this process you can use it for any purchase at Fish Products, not just our Ebay auctions. Our email address for sending us a PayPal payment is: PayPal@FishProducts.com. A link to our PayPal payment page is located at the bottom of the Order Form. If you use a credit card or debit card for your purchase and it is declined, it will be treated like a bad check, and a $25.00 fine will be added to your total. Be fiscally responsible... nothing pisses us off more than a guy who makes us bust our hump to get him the gear, and then drags his feet when it is time to pay up. Don't let it happen. We will remember, and your shopping experience at Fish will forever be tarnished. Huh Bobby?

Will Call / Pick Up:
We don't not encourage or allow "on site pick ups". If you live two blocks away, and beg - maybe. Random mystery flybys are a no-no, so don't even ask unless your very life depends on it - and you have a note from your doctor.

The newest trend these days is people stealing boxes off the porch after delivery. Sad part is, if this happens to you, it is not our fault and we cannot send you a free duplicate order. One way to combat this is to add PorchPirate insurance to your order on the order form. This means someone will have to sign for the box and it will not be left unattended on your porch. Is it worth it? That is for you to decide.

We prefer to ship via the U.S.P.S. when possible, even though they have us all by the short hairs and keep raising their rates, again and again. We can also ship via UPS but it is a hassle and would prefer to use the USPS service if possible. We will need a street address for UPS deliveries. We have adopted a quasi flat rate for shipping. Here's how it works: CA residents, 6% of order total, with a $10.00 minimum and a $39.00 maximum. All other states, 10% of order total, with a $15.00 minimum and a $59.00 maximum. Portaledges require extra shipping charges. Count on adding $12.00 (So. Cal.) to $34.00 (New York) per ledge depending on where you live. The further you are from Joshua Tree, the more it costs....adjust accordingly.

Institutions such as guide services, retail stores, ropes courses etc. will be charged actual shipping costs since your orders tend to be big and heavy. Sorry, but we can't send you 10 Haul Bags to New York for something like $29.00.

If you are not completely satisfied with any item purchased from us, simply return said item in original condition for a replacement, exchange, or a refund. This refund will not include the shipping charges or PayPal fees. Don't be sad ass wall bailer and then try to get your money back because your lid popped off on an A2 lead, then claim the gear was defective. We are wise to this and it will not work. Be sure you are wall ready before going up and scratching all that new gear. Due to the production time and effort on ledges, if you order a portaledge and then cancel your order before your drop dead date, there will be a "cancellation fee" of 15%. Be sure you want the goods before you order and don't waste our time. Recently PayPal changed their refund policy to not refunding the processing fees. What this mean is if you paid say $100 via PayPal and then cancel your order before it is shipped, there will be about a 3% charge that will not be included in your refund.

Back Orders:
Sometimes an item you order will be out of stock or backordered. If this happens, and we can not ship your entire order within a reasonable amount of time, we will notify you of the delay. To reduce the chance of any shipping delay of your order, include second color choices or any other options that will streamline your order. Be sure to put a "drop dead date" on the order form. This is the day you absolutely need to have the gear or your whole vacation is ruined. If you have a firm deadline we will bust our ass to meet it. We know how it is to leave on a trip without a much needed piece of gear ... it sucks! Be sure to read the ordering tips below:

International Orders, especially you British guys and gals...
If you are coming to the USA to climb, we can ship your order to your climbing destination here in the US. It is very common to ship International orders to Yosemite Valley or any other US climbing area.
When you arrive, your gear will be waiting for you. It is economical, safe, and much easier to accommodate your Drop Dead Date. Email us for more info.

International orders must be paid for at the time of ordering.
If you are unsure of the shipping charges or anything else, email us and we can help you figure it out.We charge the actual amount plus your desired insurance coverage to Canada or anywhere else in the world. Small stuff is a good deal and will run about $29.00 for a VHS sized box. Portaledges will run in $160.00 range. Something like a Haul Bag will be around $85.00. Email us with your order requests and we'll give you a shipping estimate.

It is preferred that you use our PayPal link on our Order Form to pay for your order. You do not need a PayPal account to do this. To be certain your order is shipped promptly, use PayPal for the payment method. If you are in Canada, plan on mysterious charges showing up when you get your package. Thank NAFTA. Some times you are charged, some times you are not. We have no idea how they figure charges and after talking to your Customs Agents it is apparent that they have no idea either. Best answer we got was "...nobody knows". This was after being on the phone for 3 days with Canadian officials and NAFTA bigwigs. The U.S. Postal Service seems to have the best rates and less hassles than UPS for deliveries to Canada.

This is worth repeating:
If you are coming to the USA to climb, we can ship your order to your climbing destination here in the US. It is very common to ship International orders to Yosemite Valley or any other US climbing area.

When you arrive, your gear will be waiting for you. It is economical, safe, and much easier to accommodate your Drop Dead Date. Email us for more info.

Ordering Tips: Always include a phone number. Always include a Drop Dead Date for when you must have the goods. List substitutes for colors, options, etc. Try to order the gear you are going to need as early in your trip planning as possible. If you have been planning to do El Cap for three months and then wait until the day before you leave to order your Portaledge, chances are you will be spending your bivys standing in aiders. At certain times of the year portaledges may be out of stock for up to 6-8 months! Plan ahead for maximum product enjoyment.International orders should be insured, as they do go missing. If you do not insure your order and it goes missing, that is a problem. Your problem. Customs duty may or may not be charged when you receive you package. This is out of our hands.

FISH Products HC1 Box 696, Joshua Tree, CA. 92252 | FishBigWallGear@gmail.com | 760.394.6665