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Gear Slings and Rumpsak

No big mystery here, just plain gear sling of 1" tubular webbing with the racking area rolled and stitched for easy use. Useful in a pinch as a full strength runner.
Assorted colors. Sm, M, L. $12.00 ea.

This gear sling is a real looker. 1" tubular nylon webbing is rolled and stitched to form the racking area. The main body is 2" seatbelt web, padded with 3" wide foam, and tastefully covered in eye poppin' cotton blend prints, from Elvis to....? Very random. $24.00 ea.

This is our most popular gear sling, The shoulder area is 2" seatbelt webbing completely enshrouded in Sham-Pelt, sporting a Zebra, Dalmatian, Bovine, or Ocelot pattern. The racking area is rolled and sewn 1" tubular webbing for easy gear management. This gear sling is lightweight and comfy, without that bulky feeling of fleece slings. Sm, M, L. $22.00 ea.

DOUBLE GEAR SLING: (same one from our Big Wall etc. page)
Each side of the "Double Gear Sling" has two racking loops of rolled 1" nylon webbing for easy ,gear management. Exclusive clip off loops at the apex of the padded shoulder straps make racking at the anchor easier than ever. Just clip in the loops and the racks will hang in an oriented position for gear sorting. A replaceable, wide rear tie-in keeps the weight of the racks over the shoulders, rather than on the neck. The front attachment is of 1" tubular webbing and features a no-slip Fastex buck1e for quick and secure adjustment. New features include a stay-open front clip on each shoulder for your aiders.
One size fits just about everyone. $69.00 ea.

Click here for our Double Gear Sling FAQ

Put a piece of pro near the front that you know is used at the crux. It will be there when you need it most.
Not all gear slings are full strength, ie: runner strength. Know what you have before you go up.

RUMPSAK: After receiving tons of calls from people looking for a butt bag, we decided to start making them again. A three point design gives relative comfort to the situation, Oxford cloth main body, and a "self stuffing" feature makes for a nice small package. Assorted colors. $34.00 ea.

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