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Double Gear Sling FAQ

"Can I use your Double Gear Sling as a chest harness?"
Not recommended. I have used it like this once in hundreds of pitches. I was horizontal under a roof and reaching for a blind placement and it did help to keep my upper body from bending over backwards. One time in 20 years on 10 feet of one pitch. If you are a chest harness guy, you should buy a real chest harness/racking sling.

"How strong are the racking loops?"
Very. The outer one is runner strength and the inner loop should go to about 2500lbs.

"How comfy is the Double Gear Sling?"
Compared to regular gear slings, ultra comfy. Racks of 40 lbs are not uncommon on big walls and having the Double Gear Sling will make this no big deal.

"I'm a big guy. Is it going to fit me?"
There is loads of adjustment available. Smaller people might have a fit that is a bit big on them, but that should not affect comfort.

"Can I use the Double Gear Sling for freeclimbing also?"
Sure. This is becoming more and more common.

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