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Hopefully you will find these pages informative and interesting. Most of this stuff is just randomly assembled and then poured into the pages. The sources for a lot of this are from personal tests, documented facts, and materials culled from the wasteland that is the Internet. I will try to verify what I can and give credit where due. If you are a Tech Weenie and have any additional info on any subject or just want to enlighten someone, send it on over. I'll be glad to post it here.

Product Specific Tests

Webbing Strengths

Cable Strengths

Bolt / Anchor Stuff

Drill Rewiring

Fall Factor

Rope Stuff

Rescue Stuff

Misc Stuff


The text portions of the Weenie Pages are easily available to anyone who does a search on the web. I used to keep what was of interest to me that I found on rec.climbing, and I additionally went out to find more info via GoogleGroups. These days most of the good stuff is well hidden on various Internet Forums. Hopefully you will find something of interest here or maybe even learn something. I sure did. This is a boil-down of around 4000 posts. Even my bad math says that 97.4% of the newsgroups info is crap. Remember this when you do your own search for info...just because it is "there" does not mean it is true, factual, proper, or even an honest post. After wading through this muck for a while I narrowed my searches to people that really know what they are talking about....It boiled down to about a handful.
Special thanks to Clyde Soles formerly of Rock and Ice Magazine and to Chris Harmston (retired) and Tom Jones of Black Diamond.
These guys really know what they are talking about.

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