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Product Specific Test Info...
Here is an assortment of various tests we do on FISH Gear and the gear made by other companies. Usually this stuff is posted to a popular Forum (like SuperTopo.com) and then the usual flames and arguments dilute the message. These are the boiled down entries, with most of the fluff removed.

Daisy Chain Death Revisited:
Originally posted on SuperTopo.com. Pictures and text of how to NOT clip your daisy chain if you want to stay alive.

Spectra Slings and Cord:
Test of some Mammut runners and cord that some of us probably have on our racks right now.

Petzl Caladris Harness and Belay Loop:
Test of a used harness, belay loop and leg loops as used for rappel backups.


Here is what happens to those rap rings you use all the time if you eat too many donuts.

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