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Runners and Top Rope Stuff

Sewn runners are lighter, stronger, less bulky and more foolproof than knotted slings. For virtually every route you will do, some slings are mandatory. As a rule always take more slings than you think you might need. Rope drag sucks. All of our slings are made from Mil-Spec / Climb-Spec tubular nylon webbing and sport a full 8 or more bartacks per bond for exceptional strength. Colors are mixed, but we do take suggestions.

OPEN SLINGS: (available in 1" webbing or 3/4" webbing)
These are the standard slings for everyday use. A "full length runner" as it is called would be a 24" loop. The 4" size is usually used for quickdraws, and the middle sizes can be looped back on themselves to make quicks that can give you a bit more length when needed. 4"-$3.50 ea, 8"-$3.75 ea, 12"-$4.25 ea, 24"-$4.75 ea,
48" - $7.25 ea.

6Pack of Slings
Six 24" open slings in the color of the day made from
3/4" MilSpec or ClimbSpec nylon webbing. This months color is Slate. Stock up now!
$25.00 per set of 6

Sling Tips: Always check your. slings before each use, and during use if you are logging mucho flight time or edges are present. When in doubt, renew it. It is way dumb to die because a two dollar piece of webbing failed.

Fish-O-Let Anchor
A nice way to tie up the modern sport anchor. Doubles as an over-the-shoulder runner or can be carried like a quick draw. 5/8" tubular nylon webbing with two loops bartacked into each end. Simply clip each loop into the bolts, even out the strands and tie a figure 8 knot. Fast, easy and bomber. Overall length is abour 5ft 6inches. $13.25 ea.

After clipping too many bolts this last year, I decided to shorten the standard Fish-O-Let and make it more robust. The new Top-O-Let is made from 1" tubular nylon (versus 5/8" on the Fish-O-Let) and is the perfect length for clipping the anchors on the standard sport route. There is room for adjustment, but you don't look like a total n00b carrying a 30ft hank of webbing just to clip two bolts. A simple overhand knot is easy to release after loading and the four total strands of 1" webbing between the bolts and the lowering point give a wide safety margin from abrasion or cutting. Overall length is about 43". $15.75 each.(biners not included)


This 9/16" Tie-Off web is thin enough to thread through the eye of pitons easily or behind a truly dicey pin that is hanging out a mile. Don't mistake this with the lighter duty 1/2" Tie Off Webbing sold elsewhere. Our Super Tie Off web is 50% stronger than the 1/2" variety. Also note, this is not that thick 9/16" SuperTape webbing that is normally too thick to use as tieoffs. 50 feet per pack, natural color. A standard tieoff takes 2feet. A loop of this tied with a water knot will break at about 2600lbs +/-.
$16.00 ea.(SOLD OUT)

Tie your own runners, bail out of a tree, set up a slackline, lash some swag down on your boat. Tons of uses. This is the 1" tubular nylon webbing to use. Assorted colors. Comes in 50 foot lengths. Need some longer? Email us. $24.00 for 50 ft. (SOLD OUT)

The Grain Tamer is an edge protector that secures itself around the rope used in a toprope anchor. This little device reduces the chance of not only rope wear, but heads popping off due to rope failure. The business section of the Grain Tamer is the same 32oz RBS fabric we use on our haul bags. Each edge has a Velcro strip to secure the guard around your rope as if it was the filling in a Taquito. To keep the Tamer in place, each end has a Fastex clip attached to a prussik. Simply loop the prussik around your cord and clip it to the Tamer, no slips, no mistakes, and more importantly, no escaped heads. The Grain Tamer is big enough to use around 11mm ropes, including the knot. Overall length runs about 24". This is a must have item in every topropers arsenal. $44.00 ea.

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