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Luggage FAQ

"Are your Behemoth and Texas bags waterproof?"
Yes, kinda. The fabric is waterproof and the zipper is covered with a strip of waterproof fabric but water can still get into the bag. It gets wicked in from the webbing that surrounds the bag and in the seams that join the bottoms. But, you can seam seal the inner stitches and have a pretty good degree of waterproofness with minimal effort.

"Why a vinyl type fabric instead of say, Ballistic cloth or Cordura?"
For one, it is stronger and more abrasion resistant. It is more waterproof and the stiff fabric protects the contents better than a floppy fabric. Another neat thing is if you have your duffel strapped to a beast of burden with the common hemp type ropes normally used, the rope will actually saw through a Ballistic cloth bag. It will not with our RBS fabric.

"Can I upgrade my Behemoth to a Deluxe Behemoth later if I want to?"
Yes. We simply send you the shoulder straps and wasit belt. There is no need to return the bag to us for this upgrade.

"Why do your bags mostly come in a white color?"
We use the white to mostly keep the contents from overheating while out in the sun for days at a time on expeditions. It also takes a permanent marker real well and makes it easy to see your name and shipping info in transit.

"Which should I get: a standard shoulder strap or your Deluxe carry system?"
Probably the Deluxe. The standard shoulder strap is just over matched with the potential weight of the Behemoth. If you only carry light things, the standard shoulder strap will work pretty good. I usually just wear the Behemoth like a backpack with the carry handles over my shoulders when I have a long way to go, like in an airport.

"Just how big is 10,000 cu. in.?"
Big enough for a guy who is 5ft. 7 inches tall and not a yoga enthusiast to get inside and then zip it up.... with a bit of room to spare.

"What do most people use these bags for, and which one do they order the most?"
Most people use them for big road trips, protecting their high dollar backpack from baggage handlers, and storing all their climbing or car camping gear. The overall champ is the Behemoth Bag, selling about 5 to 1 over the smaller Texas size.

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