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Hook FAQ

"Which FISH hook is the best all-round?"
The standard Fish Hook.

"Why is your hook so "burly" when compared to the Pika or other available models?"
Our hooks are made for no nonsence hooking with an extra measure of security. We are not making them for obscure camming in pinscars or for some wacked placement in a million. Our hooks are not shy in the strength department and will take some abuse, be it from numerous walls or the occasional hammer tap. Users tell us that they just feel safer when on one of our hooks than when they are standing on the thin and wobbly hooks offered by other manufacturers.

"I've heard I should grind the tip of my hook to a sharp point. Should I?"
In a word, yes. It opens up some enhanced placements to super secure hooking. We do not sell them like this, but it is easily done at home.

"Why are your hooks so expensive?"
Instead of stamping our hooks out of thin stock, each one is individually made with the following process:
1. Stock is cut to length
2. Cut stock is then machined to the required arrow shape before bending.
3. Stock is now drilled for the tieoff hole.
4. Hole is chamfered as not to cut the webbing
5. Tip is hand ground on the inner tip surface and all the edges are broken for a nice feel.
6. The flat stock is now heated and bent by hand.
7. After getting the desired hook shape the hook is then heat treated.
8. After heat treating the outer surface of the hook tip is now hand ground for the proper shape.
9. The entire hook is now wire wheeled by hand to remove surface scaling from the heat treating process.
10. Inspection and QC.

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