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Haul Bag and Atom Smasher FAQ

"Which haul bag is good for two climbers for 3-4 days?"
Probably the Deluxe. You could probably get away with a Budget bag and some sort of overflow bag like out Atom Smasher if you really skimped on the beer and DintyMore.

"How big is your Deluxe Haul Bag with the collar extended?"
The bag is about 9000 cu in and the collar will add about 3000 cu in more.

"How much does your bag weigh compared to the same size Metolius or TNF bag?"
Our Deluxe Haul Bag weighs about 6 pounds and the similar Metolius product weighs just under 9 pounds. TheTNF bag weighs about 8 pounds.

"How comfy is your suspension system?"
Comfy is a relative term. So, saying that, it all depends on the weight in the bag. If you load up our Deluxe with all your food, water and gear the weight will be around 100 pounds or more. This is going to be uncomfortable in almost every case. If you are carrying a Grade V bag with maybe 50 pounds inside, it will feel pretty good. Remember, these are haul bags, not packs, and they carry pretty much as expected.

"What is your favorite haul bag and why?"
My favorite is the Grade V and a good way to do it is to have your own personal bags for each team member. This makes everything easier at the bivy and makes the daily packing and unpacking much more manageable.

"How durable is the material that your bags are made from?"
In a word, very. Any bag, regardless of brand will develop holes very fast if it is not packed correctly. Any bump on the outside of the bag will wear very fast under the weight and friction of hauling. You can prolong the life of any bag by packing very carefully and covering any exposed stitching with PlastiDip coating. The exposed stitches are the only area of the bag not designed to take wear. Protect them and your bag will be around for a long time.

"Are your haul bags waterproof in a storm?"
Not really. Even though the materials are waterproof, the webbing will wick water into the bag through the stitches. The storm collar will be able to spill quite a bit of water for a while, but water always has a way of getting into haul bags. We have a drain hole in the bottom for this reason. The best bet is to pack any gear that must stay dry in separate waterproof bags inside the haul bag.

"Can I get your bag in various colors?"
Sometimes. The standard is white, but occasionally other colors of the fabric become available and we will make some bags in different colors. Always ask before ordering.

Atom Smashers:

"What are the daisy chains inside the bag for?"
These are for clipping in items that you don't want to loose no matter what. For instance if you reach into the Atom and pull out a huge wad of gear, and you have your camera in the middle of the mess... bye bye.

"Should I get the Deluxe, or the Regular Atom?"
It depends on the end use. If you are using your Atom to carry extra pins and heads on a wall, go with the regular Atom as the collar will continually grab at the pins and copperheads as you use the bag. If you are using the bag as a crag sack and overflow bag on a wall, the Deluxe is probably better. The added room of the collar will be nice for soft goods and guard against the occasional sprinkle.

"Is the Deluxe Atom big enough for two guys to do an overnight wall?"
In the summer, probably. You could get the days food and water along with perhaps one sleeping bag inside. Any more than this and you might be pushing it.

"Is the Atom Smasher suitable for a one day multi-pitch free climb?"
Perfectly. It can be hauled or carried, and will survive much better than a daypack.

"How much do your Atom Smashers weigh?"
The regular Atom weighs 2lbs 10oz, and the Deluxe weighs about 3 pounds.

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