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Daisy Chain FAQ

"Why is your Super Daisy so long?"
A better question is "why are theirs so short?" We make ours a bit longer than your reach. This way you can clip on pieces before you try to place them and go at full extention to get the piece in. If you rip and the piece is in, no problem as you are attached to the daisy. With a short daisy you are just outta there. Longer just gives you more options and is mandatory for any necky hooking.

"How strong are the pockets on your daisy?"
The pockets are rated to 300lbs. They are probably stronger, as this is a conservative rating for maximum safety.

"Should I get the Super, the Not-So Super, or the Adjustable?"
The Not-so is good if you are mostly Jumaring, leading French-Free pitches or as a Sport Climbing aid at the anchors. The Super is for all real aid and big wall applications. The Adjustable is great for Jumaring, most big wall uses, and speed ascents.

"How long will the webbing last on the Adjustable?"
Not as long as you would think. The buckle is pretty hard on the webbing and it can fuzz out in as little as one wall. If you use the cam on the buckle to release some tension as you adjust the daisy the webbing will last longer. If you continually just honk on the webbing to hoist you up onto every piece, one wall will probably be the maximum you will get out of the daisy.

"What is the best way to use the Adjustable?"
One way is to have the adjustable buckle attached at your waist. This way you use a free hand to work the buckle and pull slack or tension with the other hand. the other way is to attach the free end to your waist and use the buckle end in your hand as you reach for pieces. This way makes it easier to hoist yourself up on pieces if you are trying to go fast. Personal preference and needed speed will tell you which way to use the adjustable daisy.

"Should I get different colors?"
Unlike aiders, I would say yes. This will make it much less confusing.

"What gives with the "replacement webbing" you offer with your Adjustable Daisy?"
Since the buckle portion of your daisy will far outlast the webbing in the adjustable area, we offer a replacement with the girth hitch area bartacked and ready to go. Just thread the new webbing through the buckle and tie an overhand knot on the free end. Bingo! an almost new daisy for a very small cost. I suggest buying the replacement webbing at the time of your daisy purchase to save on shipping costs at a later date.

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