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Mussys Bedtime Stories

Here is a collection of trip reports, fiction, tall tales, and your basic lies. Most of these are based on fact, even the trip reports....Enjoy!

Death Valley Days- Tales from the Rescue Site in Yosemite Valley (appeared in Rock and Ice, issue #46)

Miles Glorious- The story of a road trip to Hueco Tanks. (appeared in Rock and Ice #51)

The Ultimate Challenge- A short story about John Long and Russ Walling going Bull Riding in Texas for a T.V. show. (appeared in Rock and Ice #44)

Like New, Lo Miles,part 1- A story about Yosemite, some Germans, and a beat Oldsmobile. (appeared in Rock and Ice #36)

Like New, More Miles- part II Same Olds, new players, and a road trip. (appeared in Rock and Ice #44)

Like New, More Miles- part III The Olds returns home and gets sold. (appeared in Rock and Ice #44)

Routine- Short story about an El Cap rescue

Articulo Mortis- Short story about a new route on EL Cap.

The Womans Gift- Short story about......scary stuff.

Face Value- A short technique piece written for John Longs book in the How to Rockclimb series. Covers overhanging face climbing.

Trip Reports:

Return to Hueco. 11mb. Flash 9 required. Russ, Susan, Greg Opland, Felicia Terry and Sandy Draus. Hueco Tanks in Oct of '07,

Heat Wave Baby, Yosemite, July '07. Includes 1096, Bad Ass Momma, and some other sweaty classics.

Ipecac and Point of no Return. AKA: The Spirit of Hartouni. Wide cracks in Joshua Tree. Russ and Will. April '07

The Inquisition, AKA:Two fools in the Wide... going nowhere. Joshua Tree, April '07. A jingus OW roof kicking the asses of all comers... Russ, Will, Jaybro, SteelMonkey.

New Jack City and Joshua Tree, random weekend in March of '07

Red Rocks with Timbo et. al. Feb. '07. Includes Timbo, Nature, Mr. E, Susan, Jamie, Chris and Will.

Crimson Chrysalis, Red Rocks, NV. Russ Walling, Susan Peplow and Bill Russell, 2/03/06

Alaskan Rose and Dreams of Sea, Alaska. Kevin Thaw and Calder Stratfield, 1996. 1st ascent.

Native Son, El Capitan. Complete with photos. Russ Walling and Erik Erikson, 1991. 4th ascent,

Born Under a Bad Sign, El Capitan. Complete with photos. Walt Shipley and Russ Walling, 1986, 2nd ascent.

Dons Grovel Report....or how a would-be sponsored climber goes down in flames. A trip report about a winter attempt on Dantes Inferno, Yosemite Valley, Ca. Funny and sad, depending on which side of the fence you are on.

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