TR: Two fools in the Wide... going nowhere.
Posted on, April '07

Topic Author: Russ Walling
Here is a giant (150mb??, 10 minutes?) time waster. Yeah, I spelled it wrong in the link, but this is The Inquisition out at Josh. Me and Will re-birthing. Usual caveats: Quicktime 7, hopefully broadband, blah blah blah.
County Fair rock and roll edit: I know I look like the lead singer from Loverboy.... save it would ya?

Author: Jerry Dodrill
Nice Russ! When do we get to see the second episode?

Author: Russ Walling
Jerry... there has been a second episode with the Illustrious JayBro and some other combatants. All attempts at the summit have thus far been repelled. More will surely follow and meet the same fate.

Author: Elcapinyoazz
I burned the one Jaybro attempt I caught on video to disc this morning. We can maybe mix that into the movie. (here it is: )
Here's a couple of stills of Jaybro and me getting bouted (some folks like me have dial-up):

Jaybro a couple moves into it...

Then you get a bad jam...

And kick in one foot, then contort and cram the other foot in, if you're a student (me)...

Or both feet at once if you're the pro (aka the Jaybro)...

Either way, you end up like this...

And then? Good luck.


Author: Elcapinyoazz
Munge asks, "Is that a head dab?"
Nah. That rock is actually behind him at that point, does kinda look like that. There are some nice ripping out onto the bean shots in the video though. And this guy is prominently featured in the vid:

Author: WBraun
That thing is awesome. F'ckin awesome. It should be the finish to outer limits. I wanna do it.
The gemstone finish .......

Author: Russ Walling
Steelmnkey got in on the fun:

Author: steelmnkey
Thanks dude. My best angle. I got points deducted for using tape, but I got them back by going shorts...

Author: Blaine Harmon
Hey Susan,
I'm glad to see the Inquisition didn't turn out to be too trivial. I didn't get any photos when I was working on this thing so it's nice to see these.
Since you asked, I did get the problem on my return a day or two later. To be fair though, I did tape my hand that I was doing the majority of the jamming with, in which case the problem was barely 5.8.
Russ, got any video of Big Bob's Big Wedge? That one seemed a little harder than the Inquisition

Author: Ed Hartouni
first off, I don't do speedos, the LA zoo would be out to pick me up and take me back to the ape cage....
...second I don't do barefoot, I'd probably tape my feet....
and lastly, those guys are all bad ass...
Like I said to Gary weekend before last when he asked me if I was shopping for a partner who could lead 5.11, "Gary, you know it's not about the numbers, it's about how much skin you can loose"
BRAVO! Russ, Will, Jaybro, Steel... and all you JTree monkeys.

Author: Jaybro
All in perspective, sometimes you have to take time out, smell the roses,

and psyche for the next attempt.

Author: marty(r)
No Cubs hat? You look like a pale cholo at a Loverboy show with that bandana!
Did you and the crew give "Maneater" a go?

Author: susan peplow
Nobody's surprised about working the offwidth but how about Mussy getting a haircut?
Sunday Paper - check
Scissors - check
Coffee - check
Virgin Mary statue about fountain - check
Poker chips & Cash box in case a game brakes out - check

Author: Shack
Russ has white hair?
I figured somebody dumped their chalkbag on his head.
Susan, it's the cane hanging there in the picture that got me wondering...

Author: Russ Walling
That cane is the same one from the cover shot of Geriatric Ascensionist, in use on my way to the Mace..... where is that pic anyway???
found the pic edit.... made famous by the SteelMonkey:

Author: sling512
Nice Fish! I counted 27 "fu&ks" in that video. Not bad for that problem!! Shoot the send and post up!

Author: addiroid
Favorite line ever (right near the end):
"My f*#king ankle was coming off, but that felt pretty good...for a minute."
That was GREAT!!!

Author: Sewellymon
thanks for the re-post. i missed it first go-round
classic gut-wrenching humor
i am only about 40,000 sit ups away from sending that thing