Las Vegas, Feb. '07
with Timbo, Nature, Susan, Mr. E, Chris Trudeau, Will Strickland, Timbos buddy Jamie and Russ

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Note: most of the details are fuzzy... timeframe is probably off.... some of this may be flat out wrong. We don't take very many or very good photos. ummmm.... it is free though.

The yearly flooring convention in Vegas is a good excuse for my buddy Timbo to come out and pick up some pamphlets and a linoleum sample. Then we usually wobble up about a dozen routes before his retreating back to the Hell known as Kansas City. This year would be no exception....

Time was getting short and we needed a Hotel.... Travelworm had a deal for me... I tell Timbo to "book it pronto" and he does. A further look on the web reveals that our new digs was voted "stickiest carpet in Vegas" among some strong contenders. Here is our new home for the weekend.

As will happen, the crew has expanded and now includes me and Medium Sue, ElCapinyoazz and Chris, Timbo and his buddy Jamie, Nature and his buddy Eric, and the bagmen who watch us load the cars every morning.
First day out Timbo and his side kick go to the convention that is the cause of this entire trip... we are forced to go climbing. I beg for something close to the road. We go to the Brass Wall. No idea what we did, but here are some pics.

Chris on something

Susan on something

Side note to this is that we lost Nature... his buddy caught Ebola or something and never got out of the van all weekend... never saw him at all! Nature was fussing around in the parking lot getting his pack together and next thing he knows, we are all gone. He somehow gets out to the loop road and hikes around for a few hours looking for us.... no dice. He does one boulder problem and meets a mysterious and beautiful woman, who promptly gives him a happy finish massage under some boulder. At least that was his story.... I think he just hiked around all day pissed.

We did see some cool sheep out at the Brass Wall.... they were looking pretty tame to me.

We all meet back at our fantastic hotel and make dinner plans. We are packing scales with us since we need to weigh out for the Diet Challenge that ends tomorrow at midnight. After some dehydrated weigh ins, we are set to go.... a BrewPub ought to do it.... they order food, and I'm spreading my alloted calories out between hardboiled eggs and giant beers.

Next day we have the Timbo in tow and me, Medium Sue, and Timbos sidekick Jamie go to the Panty Wall and crack off a handful of routes. They were all pretty good and that place is a n00b paradise. Easy routes, close together, and anchors on top. I figured we had done enough, but Medium Sue decides we should hike cross country to the Magic Bus.... so we do. I prayed for death on the march, but somehow lived again. The Bus is a pretty cool feature and has some nice easy routes with plenty of bolts and anchors. We do them all or close to it.... Timbo is getting a little pumped as all he's done to prepare for his yearly climbing trip was gain two pounds in the diet challenge that is coinciding with this trip. In standard fashion we took zero photos.....

Back to the hotel for more weigh-outs and dinner plans.... still have not seen Ebola Eric... for all we know, he has perished in his van in some lonely parking lot behind Binions. Back to the BrewPub for more beers and food... finally! We pretty much eat until we are sick. Nature is dressed to impress in a suave vest and cowboy boots... his poker outfit. He looked good, but from the looks of his chips, he played bad.... I saw a lot of felt in front of him. Not a good sign.

On Saturday we go the Sunnyside Crags. Todays crew is me, Medium Sue, Timbo, Jamie, and a fitter and separate team of Chris and ElCapinyoazz.... The previous night Nature arrived in the room at about 4:30 am with security and was not able to make the bell this morning.... So, we go..... After some bushwhacking and cursing guide book authors that just have no clue as to the value of a good photo, we arrive at the crags. Pretty good cragging once we got there, but c'mon.... a shared anchor for like 4 routes that up to 50ft apart? Cripes... put in some bolts or something. We do a few routes and move down the wall waiting for some "super doggers" to free up the area classic... no chance... The spraylords are dug in like Alabama ticks on the route and working it every way but up.

Me on some contrived thingy with crappy pro

Oh well.... Timbo is still pumped and manages to take a pretty nice fall into a tree as his final hurrah. Thank Satan that Timbo and Jamie need to go to the airport kinda early, so we split to go have cocktails at the RedRock. Nice place... wish we stayed there. We dump off the Kansas City duo and head back the stickiest carpets in Vegas to do another meal with our crew..... Still no Eric. I'm really thinking he is dead now.

After dinner there is more poker for the Elcapinyoazz and Susan... I watch and try to snag free beers from the gamblers. Nature is in a big tourney and then busts out early.... real early... I think he walks the streets for the next 8 hours dejected. Since most of the poker rooms are now non-smoking, you can actually hang out in there without picking up a 4 pack a day habit. Nice! Next morning I'm hot to get out of there so I gather up my scale and me and ElCapinyoazz blast back to the desert.... Medium Sue and Chris decide to go climbing before going home, and Eric rises from the dead just in time to get Nature in the van and drag him back to Flag.

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Author: micronut
"working it every way but up"
Ha. That really made me laugh.
Thanks fer postin' up.

Author: aldude
Yo....more butt shots than AssTraffic! Wildlife photos were cool ....with the dearth of actual climbing related details this post may be better suited to Animal Planet.

Author: nature
good read. timeline is off a bit. I didn't see that much felt. The haughie I met wandering in the desert is here in Flagstaff tonight to treat me to valentines or some such.
you left out the part about the crack dealer who never played poker. played every hand. spread $400 around the table before falling asleep on his chips. He paid me off on my quad rockets - which I recieved a Binions T-Shirt for.
It also might be worth nothing that Chris was the only one to actually sleep on the carpet... the sticky carpet.

Author: Piton Ron
Just so I know, what were the other contenders for stickiest carpet?
Screw'em. Good photos of bighorns go well ANYWHERE. C'est magnifique!

Author: yo
haha I love this TR. Basically nothing happened.

Author: vegastradguy
jesus, i thought the gold spike had been condemned and demolished....thats awesome!
yeah, susan's on Topless Twins, a really great .9 at the Brass Wall. The first pic is of Bush Pilots, another fun route there.
We saw the herd that morning too- got quite close to them before they spooked on us- second weekend in a row that we've seen them in pine creek.
great TR, russ!

Author: nature
The truth on the Poker and how much I watched the felt grow.
When we got into vegas we parked at the Luxor. Ebola Erik crashed - I went in and sat at the $2/$4 table. My $100 went to the felt in about 3 hours. Not a good start.
Next day after climbing I hit the tables at Binions. IF it wasn't for the crack dealer that played every hand I would have hit the felt that night. pocket aces flopped the set, rivered the quads - crack dealer dood paid me to the end. I got a T-shirt for that - KickAss™™ Ended up down $15 that night - not bad considering I drank 13 Sam Adams and a few shots of Crown. Stumbled back to the Ebola infested van at 4:30 AM. No dice on climbing that day. I got up around 2:30 PM feeling like a truck hit me - not sure one didn't.
Next day I'm back at $2/$4 at Binions. my hundy on the table turned to $225 real quick (I owned them). That dwindled down to about $175 before I left for a tourney at the Golden Nugget. my $65 buy-in lasted about an hour and a half - pocket 4's met pocket 7's and I was done.
So in the end I was out the $65 buy-in and about $50 at the tables. So yeah... hurry up and send your camping fees even if you are not gonna be there!
and damnit if my cowboy boots still don't stick to the floor...
PS - rumors of sheep and velcro gloves are completely unfounded. My sweetie passed through flagstaff tonight in fact. Sheep don't travel this far for the record.

Author: MisterE
Ebola Erik - hahahaha!
It was actually the flu, and I must say "sleeping" (I will call it that for a lack of a better word) 18 hours a day in the Parking lot of the Gold Spike with trucks, Harleys and arguing couples as constant companions for two full days is a new level of anguish.
Nice TR, Russ, LMAO.
These folks were so emaciated from the diet challenge, it looked like a anorexic's convention in room 505.
Hollow cheeks, sunken, distant eyes, ribs sticking out of "Ask me about my explosive diarrhea" t-shirts, these folks are serious about their weight-loss!
Cheers, E

Author: susan peplow
Don't worry MisterEE (Ebola Erik) - When I get the time I'll write a trip report of the week before down in Tucson.
You were in fine form there! I saw you upright for 4 days in a row!
The Tucson TR has many of the same players. Really everyone but Russ who was home watching our dog, sewing flys, doing secret training work outs.....

Author: nature
Let's see...
No sticky carpet
No Ebola
No Sheep
No mystery woman
No growning felt
No Nooobs
No crazed lanolium sniffers
I didn't get left behind
We should have tons of photos
We mostly just climbed

Author: Elcapinyoazz
No hubcap sized ham steaks.
No chicks on mechanical bulls.
No tub o lard Chippendales dancers.
No yard 'o daiquiris.
No deep fried twinkies.
No Capt Hook-n-Mordecais in the poker rooms.
Tucson was tame compared to Vegas.