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Our Favorite Topos
(Note: Most of these topos are way way out of date and should be used only for entertainment purposes or to see just how these routes played out back in the day)

The way we have set it up is so at the top of the page, you have some notes by the ascent party, followed by the actual topo of the route. The topo itself may or may not have additional pitch by pitch notes. But, remember, these topos were updated by somebody who might have been drinking, mourning a lost loved one, or just full of it in general. Always use more than one source for your route information, and since rock and fixed gear changes constantly, FISH Products makes no claims to the accuracy of any of these topos. For some really good topo info, go to www.SuperTopo.com, a superb site and guide book for all your big wall topo needs.

EL CAPITAN, Yosemite Valley



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