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Welcome to the FISH Bouldering Store. No Portaledges or Haul Bags here...just the suave stuff we make for bouldering and fun. To see the entire FISH line, go to our other WWW site by clicking HERE. Hope you like what you see and have a safe and fun time while bouldering in the Bishop area.

MAXI PAD's how it happened. I've been using bouldering pads since before the "hogs done ate my little brother". The fatal flaw has always been the depth Vs. support of the foam used inside the pad. Nice big fluffy pads are great for short falls...cooshy! On bigger falls the "cooshy" soon turn to ugly as you either bottom out or twist your ankle deep in the foam. So, on a recent trip to the boulders I found myself about 25 feet up, pumped, getting worried, and unable to downclimb even a single move.....I looked down at my "cooshy" pad. I though of my ankles...I though of the rocks hiding under the pad....I thought....."I need to make a new pad"! I dropped like a piano onto the "cooshy" and it kinda got gooshy. Yup, bruised the ball of my foot and half twisted my ankle. I called up the biggest foam company in the U.S. when I got back to the office and made an appointment. After a lovely factory tour we got down to business. They got me on the right track with more foam info than one man should posess. Seems the only guys who have had it right all these years were gymnasts. They bop onto pads all day long, feet first. Think dense foam. We have incorporated this idea of dense foam into our Maxi Pad. The Maxi Pad is about 2.5" thick and even has a full length zipper so you can quickly adjust your density to suit your needs. The Maxi Pad has an easy carry suspension system that goes from backpack style to an over the shoulder model in seconds. The fold over is not hinged, so when the pad is open you have the full value of the entire pad to bomb seams to ruin your day. The bottom fabric of the pad is an extremely durable VCN nylon (like our Beef Bags), which has the added advantage of "sticking" to slabs and funny angles better than Cordura or other nylons. In the FISH tradition for excess, we made the Maxi Pad close to a full 4 feet X 5 feet. Yup, 4 X 5. Miss that! Overkill construction, peerless durability, and a remote foot wiping swath make this pad the best available, and far and away the best value. You can also order the Maxi Pad without any foam. The empty version is nice if you want to use the Maxi Pad for a home wall and you just need a nice big sack to contain all your "cooshy" scraps.
FISH Maxi-Pad, empty: SOLD OUT
FISH Maxi-Pad
, ready to bop: SOLD OUT

See the MaxiPad in action on the Volcanic Tablelands near Bishop, Ca. by clicking here, or here.

A smaller version of our Maxi Pad. The Mini-Pad is not as small as it sounds, logging in at a modest 36" X 48" and has the same features including the padding and carry system as the Maxi Pad. Good all around choice for a nice pad at a low price.
Mini-Pad, SOLD OUT

(Available in Mystery Bovine and Zebra only)
Here's a fun boot carrier that will help you climb better by up to 8 letter grades! Sounds like hype, don't it? Well, let me break it down this way: You are out cragging and as usual your boots are floating around loose in your pack. You have a seat to BS with some neophytes at the base of your favorite "wired" problem. With a cocksure nonchalance you offer to show them the "sequence". Smug as can be you pull out your boots and they are covered with squished prunes resulting from your impromptu seat. Rats! Now the kids are razzing you and calling ya "pops" as you try to wipe your boots clean. Never would have happened if you had our dasBoot. Shampelt top panel lets the stink out, 420 denier pack cloth keeps the bottom intact. A grab loop and cinch closure finish the masterpiece. Remember: Clean rubber sticks better. Try it sometime. $21.00 ea.

Bingo's Booze Muffler, 3/8" closed cell foam and suave pelts will keep the cold ones cold. The Muffler sports an adjusting wrap around design that fits most cans and bottles with ease, and looks
oh-so-good in your palm. Various pelts. $6.75 ea.

Fish Lids, whether you need a rug, or just want to keep the sun out of your eyes. Tasteful two tone with a big fat FISH logo right on the front. Adjustable to fit most heads. $15.00


Gobie Kit:
Get ready for bouldering season with this human repair and injury prevention kit. Each kit comes with two rolls of the finest cloth tape (1.5" wide x 15yds. long) and a 2oz bottle of Benzoin Tincture. Not only does the Benzoin make the tape stick like mad, but it doubles as hardman perfume. Complete with instructions on human repair and taping techniques of the stars. SOLD OUT

Tincture: If you already have a supply of tape, just order the Tincture and we'll throw in the "Taping Tips" for free. SOLD OUT ea.

Available by the pound only. That's 8 blocks for those that are counting. Genuine Endo Block. None finer! SOLD OUT

Chalk Bags:
We feature two chalk bags that have the wildest patterns in any arena. Think of the craziest Hawaiian shirt ever witnessed, exotic pelts, maybe brash prints --- sometimes even Elvis. Now, what if you had these on your chalk bag? You'd be stoked, right? Well here you go --- The "Fist" model is 7" tall with a 5.5" bottom, and the "Palm" model is 5" tall with a 5" bottom. Both bags feature a "best of both worlds" stay open rim that has non-kinking cable sewn in with numerous rows of stitching. Features a collar closure and our uniqe pile "ligament" inside the bag, plus there is a toothbrush holder for crag maintenance. An easy way to order is to ask for "wild" or "mild" and then pick a color theme.SOLD OUT

White Lung Chalk Bag:
A big volcano shaped bag that will hold tons of chalk...ok, maybe more like 5 blocks. Great for the home gym or those with extra sweaty palms. Pick the "wild" or "mild" versions as above. SOLD OUT

Chalk Bag Belts: Made from 3/4" flat nylon webbing. Features a no-slip Fastex buckle.
One size fits all. $4.25 ea.

Pro Bag: Our "Pro Bag" is one sharp piece of luggage. We have put overkill construction methods into the world of high fashion. The result is a totally bomber duffel bag, suave as can be, that can hold a complete rack, rope, shoes, food, and still have enough room for a $3.00 bottle of "Thunderbird". The main body features heavy weight Ballistic Cloth in black, or for that sanitary look, our bomber White Vinyl haul bag fabric. The carry handles are made from 2" seatbelt webbing with a 1" tubular sleeve on the carry area. For the fashion kicker, we put eye poppin' fur animal prints on the 12" diameter end pieces. The short hair prints are your choice of Zebra, Dalmatian, Mystery Bovine, and Ocelot. Holy cow! You've got to see it to believe it. 12" diameter ends, 21" long. 2300 cu. in. $36.00 ea.

B-1 and B-2 Bouldering Pack:
The B-1 is a lightweight shoulder pack designed for carrying your boots, chalk bag, and maybe some water and snacks while bouldering. The pack body is our ONS Mesh, an extremely tough and durable fabric that is light in weight and since it is a mesh, lets your boot stink escape into the atmosphere instantly. A single over the shoulder strap is provided and is lightly padded with ShamPelt fur. The top pocket has an outside zipper so you can get to your tape and tincture before your flapper makes you bleed to death. The bottom is made from 18oz. VCN fabric for long life. Approximate size is 2000 with a 12" diameter bottom. SOLD OUT
If you would prefer a more tradtional set up, order the B-2 Bouldering Pack, which has all the features of the B-1, but comes with two shoulder straps instead of the single strap for over the shoulder chic.SOLD OUT

Crag Pack (just in!!!!)
Here is the scoop on these packs.... we were approached by a MAJOR pack manufacturer to order a run of packs using their VAST resources. Hmmmmm...... sounded pretty good to me, but all the samples they had were not exactly what we were looking for. After a few trial runs and some changes for the better, we were presented with a 35 litre (that's a lot of beer!) pack with that "all pro, $125.00 look" that you see in the stores. Their factory has been making packs for the big name (and big $$$$) companies for a long time, and the workmanship and features on this pack shout "pay big bucks!!!". But, since we have no middleman, instead of getting the reamer for around $100.00 or more, we can offer these at a great intro price of only $69.00. This price will be going up to $79.00 in the future, so order now. Click on a small photo to see all the features. A few highlights: burly Diamond Grid Cordura body fabric, internal stays, molded back panel, top and bottom zipper openings, numerous lash straps, and a "wet or stinky" mesh pocket on the outside rear of the body. All the packs are dark green and black. SOLD OUT.


Ordering by mail: Enclose a personal check (no rubber ones) a moneyorder, or your Credit Card information for the full amount. CA residents must add 8.25% sales tax. Include a phone number in case we need to contact you about your order. Be sure to write very clearly fer we is kinda dumb. Send to Fish Products, P.O. Box 1507, Bishop, Ca. 93515

Phone Orders / Fax Orders / Email Orders: You can call, fax, or Email your order 24 hours a day.
The above methods of ordering will be accepted for C.O.D. or Credit Card purchases only. Payment for C.O.D. orders MUST be by CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER. Plan ahead, for when the UPS Man cometh, he will be looking for either of these. NO EXCEPTIONS! Call us at 760.387.2120

Will Call / Pick Up: We don't not encourage or allow "on site pick ups". If you live two blocks away, and beg - maybe. Random mystery flybys are a no-no, so don't even ask unless your very life depends on it - and you have a note from your doctor. But, on the other hand, if you are in town and need a MaxiPad real bad.....we could meet you at the Pub or even at the boulders. Try to arrange this well in advance of your visit. Email is best.

Shipping: We prefer to ship by UPS if possible. We will need a street address for UPS deliveries. We have adopted a flat rate for shipping. Here's how it works: CA residents, 4% of order total, with a $5.00 minimum and a $15.00 maximum. All other states, 8% of order total, with a $6.00 minimum and a $20.00 maximum. Rush shipping is available at an additional cost. Call us for pricing on 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air. NOTE: all MaxiPad and MiniPad shipping charges will carry an extra $5.00 to $9.00 in shipping charges. These pads are oversize and require more handling by U.P.S.

Returns: If you are not completely satisfied with any item purchased from us, simply return said item in original condition for a replacement, exchange, or FULL refund. This refund will not include the shipping charges.

Back Orders: Sometimes an item you order will be out of stock or backordered. If this happens, and we can not ship your entire order within a reasonable amount of time, we will notify you of the delay. To reduce the chance of any shipping delay of your order, include second color choices, other options, etc. If you have a deadline, let us know and we will bust our ass to meet it. We know how it is to leave on a trip without a much needed piece of gear _ it sucks!

International Orders: Payment for your order can be sent directly to us by International Money Order or by Credit Card. Call, Email or fax us for more information. If you are in Canada, Email us for a listing of your local dealers or distributors.

ORDERING TIPS: Always include a phone number. Always include a deadline date for when you must have the goods. List substitutes for colors, options, etc. Try to order the gear you are going to need as early in your trip planning as possible. Plan ahead for maximum product enjoyment.

Ready? Email us your order now!

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