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So-so Movies, Video Clips and ??? 

Here is a collection of random video stuff. This is one giant time waster, but fun if you are at work....
Most of these feature FishPeople™ doing what they do. Enjoy!

You will need QuickTime 7+ to view these movies. You should also have a broadband connection of some sort or you will be here longer than you have left to live. Not sure how you PC guys do it, but if you can get the QuickTime Movies start playing before the download is completed, your enjoyment level will soar..... if not, go get a cup of coffee because some of these are huge. Works fine on Safari.


1096, the fearsome chimney/flare in Yosemite. The "Young Strong Local" gives it a go. July '07
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/1096.mov 6.0M

Bad Ass Momma in Yosemite. Russ and Will. July '07.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/bad_ass_momma.mov 22.8M


Jingy taking a hideous ripper off of Atari in the Happy Boulders in Bishop. '06
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/falling_down.mov 1.6M

The "Layback" at the Bachar Boulders in June Lake, Ca. Russ, Swiss Michi, Chez, and Bill Russell... 1991?
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/bachar_boulders_layback.mov 6.5M

Finger Crack at the Bachar Boulders. Bill Russell climbing. 1991?
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/billy_bb_crack480x360.mov 12.6M


The Inquisition in Joshua Tree. A nice OW roof that kicked our ass. Spring '07
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/inqusition_small.mov 169M

Jay the OW Machine on the Inquisition in Joshua Tree. Spring '07
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/jaybro_wide.mov 2.2M

Boot and Rally, a new FA of an OW in Joshua Tree. Nov. 2006
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/bootandrally.mov 8.0M

Saturn Boulder in Joshua Tree. Russ climbing. 1990?
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/saturn_russ22.mov 5.3M

Slash Face in Joshua Tree. The "Driver" climbing. 1990?
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/slash.mov 2.0M

Sputnik Mantle in Joshua Tree. Great mantle... really bad fall potential. 1990?
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/sputnik_mantle.mov 6.0M

Ubangi Lip in Joshua Tree. Great problem! Nice flapper! Russ climbing. 1990?
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/ubangi_lip.mov 4.8M

V-Max, Joshua Tree. Named by Walt Shipley since he hit terminal velocity (v-max) after
ripping off the last moves and cratering. No pad of course back then. 1990?
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/vmax.mov 9.3M

Mike Paul doing the Up 20 boulder problem in the early 80's. Filmed on BetaMax (really!) by Dave Robinson.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/mike_paul_up20.mov 17.1M

Mari Gingery doing the "How's Your Momma" problem in the early 80's. Filmed on BetaMax (really!) by Dave Robinson.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/mari_hows_your_momma.mov 10M

Yabo, John Yablonski, doing the Button High problem in the early 80's. Filmed on BetaMax (really!) by Dave Robinson.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/yabo_buttonhigh.mov 17.5M

Yabo doing the Betty Jo Yablonski problem in the early 80's. Filmed on BetaMax (really!) by Dave Robinson.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/yabo_betty_jo.mov 9.4M

Russ Walling soloing the Left Ski Track in the early 80's. Filmed on BetaMax (really!) by Dave Robinson.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/russ_left_skitrack.mov 17M

The Driver, Greg Byrne, trying Caesars Palace in the early 80's. Filmed on BetaMax (really!) by Dave Robinson.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/driver_caesars_palace.mov 3.5M


Espresso, at New Jack City, Will Strickland climbing. 2007
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/NewJack_espresso.mov 11.3M


A slide show Trip Report from 10/07.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/TR_hueco_10_07/ 11M

45 Degree Wall in Hueco, Russ Walling climbing. 1992.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/45degree_wall_lrg.mov 10.8M

Bloody Flapper boulder problem in Hueco. Russ climbing. 1992
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/bloody_flapper.mov 4.0M

Hueco Bouldering in 1992 with Swiss Michi and the Swiss Miss.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/hueco_misc.mov 33.0M

Mushroom Roof in Hueco. Swiss Michi climbing. 1992.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/mushroom_roof.mov 4.7M

Obscured By Clouds in Hueco. Russ climbing. 1992.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/obc.mov 4.3M

Sotol Stimulator in Hueco. Method #1, no good..... Russ climbing. 1992
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/sotol_stimulator1.mov 2.9M

Sotol Stimulator in Hueco. Method #2, still no good.... Russ climbing. 1992
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/sotol_stimulator.mov 4.1M


Booze, slippers, and dancing while singing "she's a maniac"... not pretty.
http://www.fishproducts.com/movies/maniac.mov 2.8M

Our friend Shack was having some trouble taking his ledge apart. He requested video assistance. Here is how I do it.
http://fishproducts.com/movies/ledge_takedown2.mov 10.5M

Susan doing some sort of odd dance while drinking beer on the jobsite at a remodel.

Seems I (Russ) have really flexible toes. Makes toe down edging difficult and tiring.
and if that wasn't enough, here is some more:

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